Tuesday, 21 October 2014

TV Vikki and Caning Slave J

The session with TV Victoria aka Vikki went very well, she was very accommodating and busy!
I will upload some pictures of her soon when we have narrowed down the choices.  In the meantime, here is a picture of slave J after a caning.  J is one of Vikki's clients and yours truly, Madame Cordelia has to keep him in check at times when he gets too excited!

Saturday, 18 October 2014

This Week

Been a very busy week but decided to upload some pictures before my butterfly brain gets engaged in other things! The Girl's on Top Femdom party at Mistress Ava's London Training Academy was a rip-roaring success.  We had a great day made even better by the hospitality of Ava and Xela.  The party was multi roomed with a lot of  cp/caning action with all 3 Mistresses in the dungeon to start with and aided by a card game.
 Mistress Ava then dealt out some frighteningly fierce canings to reprobates in her school-room whilst Mistress Xela did her erotic domination in the boudoir.  I was consigned mostly to dungeon duties ie BDSM and popping occasionally into the school room to assist, due to the bare-faced cheek of some of the miscreants gathered there.  

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Girls on Top Femdom party

Hello All
Just to let you know on Thursday 16th @ 2pm I will be attending and assisting at a 'Girls on Top' strict Femdom party at the fabulous chambers of Mistress Ava plus Mistress Xela with sub Sally as our topless waitress. Please see link below.  Places are limited and going fast so please contact Mistress Xela or 2 Kings to book

Sticky Vikki

Just a quickie to let all my followers and subs know that Victoria the tv slut will be working on Tuesday 14th Oct.  She has been busy getting prepared for her clients, hair, nails, facials etc and will be available and ready to please from 2pm onwards.  Places are limited so please email or call asap if you wish to book her for a 1-2-1.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Poppers update - Canada bans sale/import of akyl nitrates


The fun police strike again

Sub Laura Marks

Now available with me or for 1-2-1's is the delightful sub/switch Laura Marks.  Her favourite things are spanking/spankee, CP, watersports and she is a medical expert. She is also a very good assistant Domme. For your delight are some pictures of her lovely bottom

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Benefit/Fund Raising Party for Spankee Donna

Sadly Donna, one of the Spanky scene girls is seriously ill.  All her friends, colleagues and acquaintances in the scene are showing support by offering our swishing and spanking skills  to raise money to help her at such a critical time.  All participants, both Dommes and subs, will be waiving  their fees, which instead, will go to  the support fund so please contact me if you wish to attend this wonderful event, or 2Kings directly as per this link
A good cause with lots of stupendous fun.
Thank you
We raised in the region of £8000.00 for Donna, so a big thank- you to everyone who attended and to all the ladies who gave their time, effort, backsides and biceps for this good cause, despite the sauna-like conditions.
Big thanks to Miss Buffy Brown who came to my rescue as I was struggling to lace up my corset!!