Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Poppers Ban

Just to update all you poppers-heads out there, poppers is going to be perma-banned.  The 'new' rubbish Isopropyl nitrite apparently causes macular degeneration in the eyes.....but it's all being banned anyway under the legal high clamp-down including nitrous oxide.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Venus Milker and Maid Bunny plus some updates

Here are some action shots of Sub Daffyd  hooked up to Venus 2000 milking machine with some weight training thrown in just so it's not all the pleasure principle.  No pain no gain I say........Also the ever delightful Maid Bunny in a domestic setting who was given a good cropping for being truculent.
Equipment update: The  rotating bondage wheel of misfortune is now sold and there is only one medical/hospital screen remaining.  I also have Mistress Tara's fuck machine for sale which was made by Paul C who makes lots of equipment for Sweet Torments and Pro-dommes. Also a folding ob/gyn chair with stirrups made by Joy Division of Germany (not the band obviously),  very heavy duty rubber and also a leather body bag and a leather strait-jacket (also heavy duty). The Monkey Rocker is still for sale. Please email me for prices and delivery options etc.
Just to remind you my email is
I decided not to renew my website in case you are wondering why it is down but the blog will remain live so please use this for updates and info.
UPDATES; The ob/gyn chair is sold and the medical screen.  Body bags (rubber and leather, strait jacket, fuck machine and monkey rocker still for sale, I will be listing on Ebay or Fetlife shortly.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

I am selling my freestanding bondage rack/wheel of mis-fortune made by the sadly defunct Dungeoncrafts.  Offers between £400 and £600 considered.  These wheels were £1400 new and will become a kink collectors item due to Dungeoncrafts demise.  Unlike the Fetters wheels which are around £3k  and have to be fixed to a wall, this one is free standing like an artist's easel, easy to operate due to car brake drum system and locks in place with a brake.  There are no rips to the leather and everything is intact ie straps and rivets, slight scuffs here and there due to use but a real statement piece for any studio. The wheel is 48" wide and around 7ft 6" high so this clearance is needed on the
width as well as height to allow for clearance on the rotation


Thursday, 12 March 2015

Hi All

Been absent due to illness, a very nasty bout of the 'flu etc etc.  Just to update on the equipment:
 I have 3 modern white hospital/medical screens for sale as a job lot or separately, (reasonable offers accepted), which can be delivered within M25 or collected in person. The vintage retro hospital screen is sold. There are some medical things for sale, gas masks, some latex/rubber male and female clothes in various sizes , size 6 and 7 shoes and boots.  Also some large sized TV shoes, boots and wigs. I will post some pictures up when I get time. I am selling my MonkeyRocker which is in vgc.  These are only made as one-off commissions now in the USA and cost $3000 new so reasonable offers accepted.


Sunday, 11 January 2015

Happy New Year

Spent most of Xmas, NY and my birthday miserably ill but getting back on track now. Having a dungeon de-clutter and got rid of some excess stuff as part of my 2015 mission to curb my inner-hoarding tendencies. There must be something to this Feng Shui thing because I can feel a different energy flowing in the studio now.
I am also trying to help an ex-Domme friend get rid of some of her stuff so if anyone is interested in the following, then please email me. Hospital/medical screens (vintage and modern), Rotating bondage rack/wheel, Electro boxes (Erostek and Estim + attachments), vintage dental/barber/tattoo chair (hydraulic), heavy rubber arm corsets, wall grids, fuck machine (heavy duty with metal base plate), C&B straps, nipple clamps, gasmasks, and assorted medical items and consumables. Mostly used but some new stuff and reasonable offers accepted.
Here are some photos of Victoria taken during a pre-Xmas session with sub J.  Vikki was looking very glam/gothic as a change from her blonde bombshell look.


Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Christmas etc

Had a lovely break in Budapest, beautiful old gothic buildings which would make a great backdrop for a photo shoot.  I will be attending the 2Kings annual spankerama this year on Dec 17th in New Cross,   It is great fun, lots of spanking and CP/switching with 30+ girls and 4 Dommes, strippers, cabaret, lunch and more.  Tickets costing £195.00 are selling fast with limited numbers available and all enquiries should be made to or telephone 07887762477

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Upcoming holidays and other stuff......

Just to let you know I am away in Budapest for a break as from today and will not be answering the phone so please email me if you wish to make a booking for December.  The diary is getting very full and I will possibly be away mid-December onwards in Spain but nothing is ever written in stone with me as some of my subs will know.....Sadly I will miss Night of the Cane this year and possibly the  very popular 2Kings Xmas Spanking Party being held at a new venue in South London, but a holiday is well-overdue.
I was checking my blog stats, and my largest viewing figures have always historically been from the UK, followed by the USA, but for some strange reason these figures are now being massively out-stripped by France, followed by Australia....Very odd, maybe it's a glitch?
I have been pondering certain things and really need a website refresh as a lot of the stuff is irrelevant/old-hat now.  Something is called for that reflects me as a more mature (codger) mistress now and represents what I like and do best.  I have seen and done a lot in my many years of pro-domming and initially a lot  of it was quite experimental as I wished to experience and learn about certain things and some things I discarded as they were not for me.  Some of my earliest memories as a pro were in assorted flats around the City, Earls Court, Pimlico and Heathrow.   I began mostly doing corporal punishment as it was something I understood, as it was used in my school. I also liked bondage, w/s and TV dressing. Quickly other things followed as I was curious and keen and the rather wonky old bits of kit I had were replaced with better stuff and the collection and skill set grew and grew. Also a robbery by a so-called domme and her pimp forced me to start more or less from scratch...nice people.....
Sadly my years of teetering around in domination heels, coupled with abnormally high arches has caused feet problems, so my days of wearing killer heels are numbered.  I can only wear them if seated or reclining. I also have RSI in my right shoulder and arm probably from heavy CP so don't tend to do this as much as I used to . Spanking can be agony (for me ha ha) but caning is not so bad. 
I have pondered the question of retirement over the last few months and concluded that  I may semi-retire within the next year or so but not completely.  I have various possible options to consider which include seeing only a certain number of selected long-term clients at various venues belonging to friends in Central/City and South London, Brighton and hopefully a small personal play-space being adapted and built at a sub's place in the South West.   I will be selling off some excess and defunct equipment soon too.
Well, must get packing and sort out some travel insurance,