Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Poppers update - Canada bans sale/import of akyl nitrates

The fun police strike again

Sub Laura Marks

Now available with me or for 1-2-1's is the delightful sub/switch Laura Marks.  Her favourite things are spanking/spankee, CP, watersports and she is a medical expert. She is also a very good assistant Domme. For your delight are some pictures of her lovely bottom

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Benefit/Fund Raising Party for Spankee Donna

Sadly Donna, one of the Spanky scene girls is seriously ill.  All her friends, colleagues and acquaintances in the scene are showing support by offering our swishing and spanking skills  to raise money to help her at such a critical time.  All participants, both Dommes and subs, will be waiving  their fees, which instead, will go to  the support fund so please contact me if you wish to attend this wonderful event, or 2Kings directly as per this link
A good cause with lots of stupendous fun.
Thank you
We raised in the region of £8000.00 for Donna, so a big thank- you to everyone who attended and to all the ladies who gave their time, effort, backsides and biceps for this good cause, despite the sauna-like conditions.
Big thanks to Miss Buffy Brown who came to my rescue as I was struggling to lace up my corset!!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Spring Cleaning

Hello all.  Am busy having  a massive de-clutter of my studio as have collected so much stuff over the years that I don't use! The cupboards and shed are bulging with a motley assortment of items! If by chance any of my clients from way back,  are reading this blog, particularly Alexa the TV sub College girl who took hard CP, darling you have left a large blue hold-all of wigs, skirts, cardigans and knickers etc that I have been keeping safe and un-used.  I haven't seen you in years and lost your phone number so please ring me if you want to collect you gear.
All for now

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Easter Bunny

Here are some pictures of my TV maid, Bunny who came to visit me many years ago at Easter and so acquired the name Bunny.  As we are approaching Easter, and spring is in the air, here are some pictures of Bunnikins, corseted and slutty looking, shackled and ready to do as she's told!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Time Wasters/nutters and some info on poppers.

Yes, all Mistresses get them, well it happens in real-life but the scene seems to attract its fair-share of them! The time-wasters are pretty much, on the whole, harmless idiots trying to get their rocks off whilst speaking on the phone to whoever they have targeted for wank-fodder.  Not interested in where you are/how to locate you, working hours, fees etc etc, just gory details about "what will you do to me?" or launching into a speil about their fetishes etc.  I find these very funny, water off a ducks back mostly. Then we get the deranged idiots who swear and leave inappropriate messages. A big Bronx Cheer to the numpty who left a load of  expletives and abusive messages on my phone at silly o'clock.  Obviously he was off his head on drink or drugs as he was barely coherent and like as not, no job to get up for the next day.  Apparently  I am a C*NT!!  Well dear, I do have one, but don't take me for one or I will be one! The police take a dim view of phone abuse (calls and texts), can monitor this caller's number (even if withheld they unscramble it) and will take further action.  So, if you are literate and reading this, you have been warned! Update: Just to be on the safe side, this sad-sack Billy-no-mates has been blocked from calling or texting and my voice-mail facility is disabled.

I get asked a lot about poppers and my take on them is the real stuff is more or less obsolete now.  Amyl Nitrite was developed for Angina sufferers but more modern drugs have superseded this so it is only produced in small quantities as an anti-dote to cyanide poisoning, and due to EC legislation, it is illegal to import it from countries outside the EC into Europe or any other banned similar substances.  The stuff on sale now in the sex/gay/fetish shops  is "legal" to buy, (for now) until banned. There are clubs and suppliers that allegedly have caches of and sell previously banned poppers  on the QT but not sure if it's all urban myth.  I've also heard of "Amsterdam" websites that claim to have the real deal but the feedback is not good on these- promises of everything but short on delivery!   Rumoured also to be obtainable from Canada but who would risk importing banned substances from a country that is subject to Customs searches in the UK? So, it's the technically "legal" (and horribly stinky and chemically smelling) stuff is all that is available for me.

Monday, 30 December 2013

Happy New Year and update

Hope you all had a very merry pervy Xmas and wishing you all a very happy new year 2014.  Apologies to all who have unsuccessfully tried to call or email for appointments.  Unfortunately I have been off  with a disc problem in my back which was extremely painful and rendered me immobile (more or less).  I will be returning to work in January on a limited basis (activity is good!) so will only be taking pre-booked appointments with at least 2 days notice until my back is fully recovered.
I did manage to attend the fantastic Xmas 2Kings spanking party at the Purple Turtle in Camden.  It was a fun packed day with lots going on and over 150 spankers and spankees there plus strippers and dancers.
Well all, a very happy healthy prosperous new year to all my subs, slaves, clients, maids, friends and confidantes
Cordelia xxx